St. Peter Lutheran Church
2929 F.M 972 (at F.M. 1105)
Walburg, Texas 78626

Office: (512) 863-5600
Worship Services - each Sunday 10:15 a.m.
Holy Communion - 1st & 3rd Sundays

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Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

Last Updated:
Jan. 29, 2018


St. Peter Lutheran Church at Walburg, Texas
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LADIES AID - Tuesday, February 6 at 11:00 a.m.

The Ladies Aid meets the first Tuesday of each  month at the education building from 11:00 P.M. to 12:00 noon. We encourage all ladies to attend and assist with our mission to the church and community.

The Jan. 1 meeting began with a devotion & prayer. We donated $200.00 to “Food for Friends”, serving NE Williamson County. Quilters have now completed 55 quilts for this year’s donation to world relief efforts.

 GOLDEN OLDIES – Tuesday, February 6 at Noon

The Golden Oldies will meet on Tuesday, February 6 at noon for a potluck, lunch and games. Bring your favorite food items, invite a friend and join us in the fun, food and fellowship.  

News & Event Details from Around the Congregation

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January 2018 Meeting Notes

The Worship Committee met January 9th, and started planning for Lenten services and Easter services.  Yes, we are thinking about Easter already because it is will be here Sunday, April 1st.  Please be watching for Easter flower forms. Our Lenten services will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 14th (Valentine's day). Please make plans to attend this service as well as all Lenten services which will begin at 7:00 PM each Wednesday evening. Pastor is also arranging noon prayer services.

 Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 13th at 5 PM, if you would like to join our committee, please come to the meeting.

Women’s Bible Study with Shirley

Join Shirley for the monthly Women’s Bible study at noon on Thursdays. Bring a Bible and a friend. (And we will have extras of both, if you forget.)

Reminder - St. Peter now accepts electronic checks

Many people pay their bills on-line, and would prefer the convenience of electronic banking instead of donating at the collection plate.  For more details about the process, go to the St. Peter website at:

Pastor Philip’s Bible Study : Join Pastor Philip on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm. We will study the Gospel of John. All are welcome to join this study.

St. Peter Constitution and Bylaws

At the 10/15/2017 Annual Congregation Meeting, members of St. Peter Lutheran approved changes to the Bylaws and on first vote, approved changes to the Constitution. The Constitution changes require a 2nd approval (with no changes) during our October 2018 Annual Meeting. Until then, we will continue to use the 2013 Constitution, but we have 2017 updates to the Bylaws. The updated document is available on the St. Peter website or from the church office.

Walburg Flag Football Super Bowl - February 11 at 2 P.M.

 Come join the community for a fun flag football match-up and cheer your team to victory!

Walburg Germans


Corn Hill Czeks

The game will be played in the field behind the Walburg Merchantile Restaurant. St. Peter will coordinate concessions (food & beverages) for the event. The congregation is encouraged to contact Diane at 512-863-8796 to assist. Tailgating begins at 12 noon, opening ceremonies at 1 p.m. and the game begins at 2 p.m. To play or for other involvement, contact Doc at 512-789-4300 or at 512-864-1600.

January 9, 2018 Council Summary Report

Pastor's Report:  The Christmas Pageant went well with 198 in attendance; Soup Supper will be January 22; St. Peter will enter the Walburg community BBQ Cook-off (Jan. 26-28); Thursday night Bible Study continues; Lent begins Feb. 14; LCMC Mission Director, Bryce Formwalt, will give a presentation on missions and evangelism Feb. 4; Pastor wants the Council to be thinking about "what is our long term purpose".

Treasurer's Report:  December was a very good month with an income of $28,211.34.  Total assets have increased by $5,523.10 during 2017.  Memorial funds transferred to operating funds totaled $13,001.93.  6% benevolence to the Salvation Army totaled $1,652.08.  Bell ringing for the Salvation Army went very well with the Saturday that St. Peter participated being the best day of the entire 30 day season.

Fellowship and Outreach:  Upcoming Soup Supper and BBQ Cook-off.

Worship Committee:  A request from the committee concerning a pianist was tabled until further review.

Old Business:  Experiencing some leaks in roof; stopped up sink repaired; new leak under sink; still need sound proof door for Pastor's office which will need to be special ordered; locks will be rekeyed and new keys issued in January.  Discussed the format of the Directory and Annual Report which will be separate documents this year.

The Council approved the following:  To place an ad in one or more newspapers for the Soup Supper; that Pastor will review the Annual Report after Sharon assembles it prior to publication; the purchase of a new laptop.

Many people worked hard to make the various St. Peter events in late December through January a roaring success.

Fellowship Meeting - Tuesday, February 6 at 10:30 a.m.

Fellowship plans congregation & community events for St. Peter, organizing set-up, materials, workers & clean-up. Elaine is asking for help as Ann & Helen are stepping down after years of service. Please consider joining this ministry of our Congregation. Thanks.

Our next fellowship project is the weekly Lenten Soup Suppers at 5:45 pm, from Feb. 21 to Mar. 21. Watch for the soup sign-up lists and please volunteer to bring a soup and / or dessert. Thanks.

St. Peter Mission & Direction Planning Workshop - Sunday, February 4 at 1:30 p.m.

Pastor Bryce Formwalt, the LCMC Texas District Director of Mission Development, will initiate discussions with the Congregation on how we can effectively identify our mission and focus upon spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Council participated in a similar exercise in August and found it intriguing. Hence, Pastor Bryce was asked to return and work with interested Congregation members. All members are invited. Please come. Listen to the objectives. Bring your ideas and pray for the Holy Spirit to lead us in this effort.