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April 30, 2017


St. Peter Lutheran Church at Walburg, Texas
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St. Peter Lutheran Church
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The St. Peter Messenger    The St. Peter Messenger  Volume XXX  Issue 8 May 2017

  One thing you learn working in retail is that there is tremendous prep leading up to a holiday followed by a scurry to move things out of the way in anticipation of the next holiday. Holidays in America move a lot like waves on a shore, the build up is fantastic, but they quickly recede to make way for the next one. I learned this while I worked at Garden Ridge back in Ohio. Getting ready for Christmas started in August, but the tear down from it happened almost immediately.

 For many of us that can be what Easter can be. The highest of Christian holy days is packed up as we set our sights on what's ahead. Yet we all know that Easter is more than a day or even a season, but rather a way of life.

 The season runs many weeks after the first Sunday of Easter and finally culminates in our celebrating Jesus ascending into heaven. In Lent we focused on our need for a savior and the suffering of Christ, but in the Easter season we celebrate Jesus being alive and no longer in the tomb as well as the fact that we too can live with this hope and trust.

 However, too many of us American Christians live with the mindset of getting ready for the next season instead of sharing this time with those around us. The pastor Ed Stetzer talks about several important things to remember this Easter season. The first thing is to remember the Easter season. If people came to worship with you, remind them that this is something they can be a part of every week. (John 1:45-46) Secondly, don't forget the Easter message that Christ's resurrection is the first fruits of an eternal promise for all of us (1 Corinthians 15:23). Third, be intentional about reaching out to people. Now there is a wide margin between coercing people to come and inviting someone. So, we should remember that we are asking people to come with us to what is the highlight and start of our week (Acts 2:46-47). Finally, we have the best message of all: sin and death have been trampled and we can proclaim that to a needy world (Acts 1:13).

 There are certain seasons of the year that we wish to keep in our heart all the year long. The time of Easter should be that way for Christians, too. We are to be known as Easter people. Rather than packing up Christ's resurrection in boxes, quickly shuffled off until next year, we should be about the business of letting everyone know that they can come and see just how good the Lord is!

Pastor Philip

Don’t Waste Your Easter